2017 Elder Nominees

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2017 Elder Nominees

The men below have been nominated for the office of Elder.  On November 29th, we will have a congregational meeting at 6:30PM to elect five of the men from this list of fourteen.  Plan on being with us for this most important meeting, where you will choose your leaders.  Between now and then, please get to know these men.  Here are some questions you might consider asking:

  1. How did you come to faith in Christ?
  2. What are your spiritual gift(s)?
  3. How long have you been a member at Grace?
  4. In what areas have you served at Grace?
  5. What is something the Lord has taught you this past year? Or, how have you grown spiritually in the past few years?
  6. What have you found most helpful in your time alone with God? Most challenging?
  7. Without delving into specifics, what is your understanding and practice of biblical giving?
  8. Are you in a Grace group?
  9. Have you been on any mission trips and if so at what capacity?
  10. Have you ever or are you currently mentoring someone?

The bible says that an elder is to be above reproach in 3 general categories: marriage and family, character, teaching and defending the truth. In light of this...

  1. Are things peaceable in your marriage and a family life? Are you leading a culture of godliness at home?
  2. Is there anything in your character that would keep you from being qualified to serve at this time?
  3. Are you prepared to stand on the front lines in shepherding the flock? Are you a lover of truth and willing to defend the truth?


Gary Bynum


Blake Dickens


Trent Fleming


Gary Gleason


Alan Greer


Mike Heath


Dave Hogue


Chris Myatt


Andy Pearce


Rick San Roman


David Schay


Pat Scholes


David Strand


Greg Strawn
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