Grace Music


"There's an awful lot of confusing terminology out there. It seems like churches all over the place are splitting into two services, often called "contemporary" and "traditional." At Grace Evan we've taken deliberate steps to avoid doing that. We believe it’s important to maintain our Christian heritage, while at the same time be sensitive to the culture in which we exist." 

The musical part of our worship service is broken down into two areas:

Congregational Singing and Performance Pieces.

In our congregational music we try to include several elements:

1) Hymns - We treasure the great hymns here, and want our young people to grow up anchored in the rich content and beloved melodies of so many generations.

2) Modified and new hymns - There is a multitude of Christian verse out there, some of which has been put to music for the first time, and some that has been given a new melody. There are more and more songwriters taking a new interest in orthodox lyrics of old.

3) Simple expressions of the heart - This includes carefully selected choruses and uncomplicated statements of adoration.

Using those elements, our signature sound is one of fullness, including piano, live and electronic orchestral accompaniment, guitars, drums, percussion, and vocal worship teams, including larger choral projects throughout the year.

The second area of Sunday worship music is performance pieces (generally an accompaniment to our offering) and consists of reverent, God-centered and exalting selections. Such music at Grace has included vocal solos and ensembles, a brass quintet, Celtic, jazz, bluegrass, choir pieces, hip hop, orchestral pieces, and much more.

Ultimately, in all these things, our goals are these:

To accurately depict and celebrate the excellencies of God in Christ
and  to encourage congregational involvement in this celebration.  


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