Grace Groups


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What are Grace Groups?

Grace Groups are about meaningful relationships with your church family.  God has created us as creatures of community and in Christ we have found not just friendship, but family with our fellow believers. Grace Groups is an intentional time for our church to grow together as we gather in groups of 10-20 to share life on the first Sunday of each month (5:15-7:45PM). Child care is provided for infants through 5th grade, so you can enjoy the evening knowing your kids are in safe and loving hands.

Groups gather to share a meal, fellowship and invest in a devotional time where they can explore a variety of Biblical topics. Whether it’s studying a recent sermon, exploring what the Bible says about marriage and the family, or diving into the depths of theological/doctrinal themes, you will find a group where you can explore God’s Word as you grow together. Our well-equipped leaders make sure that you are led in Biblical way towards spiritual growth. 

If you give Grace Groups a chance you will find yourself a part of a family that deeply loves and supports each other.  The relationships that you build will give you the chance to serve and be served in a way that only a child of God can experience. Sign up for a Grace Group today and let’s grow together.


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