Grace Venture

LIVE more simply
GIVE more sacrificially
ACCOMPLISH the Great Commission

Total amount given to Grace Venture 10.26.2003 - 9.29.2018 is $2,903,000.
"Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained."
The Grace Venture strategy is reaching the unreached world through maturing believers that live next door, in our city, and around the world by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ!


To focus our church on the accomplishment of the Great Commission by challenging her to "excel in the grace of giving." II Cor. 8:7


1.  We are not asking you to pray for more income, but for more faith with which to develop a giving heart.

2.  God does not promise to make generous Christians wealthy. He promises to make generous Christians capable of even greater generosity.

3.  The primary way of "excelling" is through greater sacrifice for which we were made willing by asking God for greater faith.


1.  Generate an additional $500,000 to be managed by a newly appointed Grace Venture Strategy Committee.

2.  Call this congregation to lifestyle adjustment and sanctified creativity so that we can give more sacrificially by putting the brakes on impulse spending and living more simply.


Our hope is that this project will result in more "living by faith," forcing us to a daily walk with God that is bathed in prayer, and allowing us to become partners in kingdom construction.


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