GV Missional Objectives

Live More Simply

In our suburban context, one of the greatest challenges to spiritual growth is the demands of affluence. These demands generate distractions and busyness which erode spiritual life. Grace Venture calls the congregation to purposeful living by replacing the demands of affluence with the demands of serving God.

Give More Sacrificially

Since the spiritual discipline of giving frees us from the tyranny of affluence, Grace Venture calls the congregation to purposeful habits of giving money and time to God instead of to personal consumption.

Accomplish the Great Commission

Since Jesus Christ tasked us with discipling all the nations (Matt. 28:19), Grace Venture calls the congregation to participate in the Great Commission. Instead of living for consumption, let us live for proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The following tactics are being utilized to foster a culture change in the congregation:

Ministry of Prayer

The staff, elders, GV Strategy and MIT leaders must commit to regular pray for the Holy Spirit to infect our congregation with an increasing spiritual maturity.

Ministry of the Word

The following are to be utilized to encourage our congregation to renew their thinking toward purpose, time, money and joy: 

Pulpits – every preaching/teaching venue
Small Group Studies

Mobilize Opportunities

To give money and invest time in Kingdom activities must be fostered and communicated to the congregation on a regular basis.

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