GV Missional Structure

Missional Structure

Grace Venture Strategy Committee

This body will meet at least once a month with additional meetings if necessary. The two main objectives of this body are to establish strategy and MIT oversight. With three Ezone Elders sitting on the committee, it is anticipated that a smooth flow of information will develop between the Session (policy making body) and the Grace Venture Strategy Committee (strategic and oversight body).

This 17 person committee will be made up of the following:

Ezone Elders - 3
Pastor - 1
Staff - 1
Lay People - 12

Depending upon Elder assignments and length of serving on the session, the actual Ezone Elders serving on the Grace Venture Strategy Committee (GVSC) may change each year.   The commitment for Lay People will be for 3 years.   After serving and rotating off for 1 year, an individual may serve on this committee again.  An individual serving as an MIT leader may not serve on the Grace Venture Strategy Committee.  A Grace Evangelical Church member who is a monthly supported missionary may not serve on the Grace Venture Strategy Committee.

Each year, 4 lay people will rotate off the Grace Venture Strategy Committee (GVSC) and 4 new lay people will rotate on.  The yearly selection of lay people for the Grace Venture Strategy Committee will be approved by the session.  The mission pastor will poll the Sr. Pastor, ministerial staff and Grace Venture Strategy Committee for suggested Grace Evangelical Church members to serve.   These names will be submitted to the session for approval in the fall of each year.  A term will begin in January and continue for 3 years. When this committee is first established, 4 lay people will serve for 1 year, 4 will serve for 2 years and 4 will serve for 3 years.  Therefore, the rotation schedule will begin upon the inception of the committee.   Each member of the Grace Venture Strategy Committee will vote on all decisions.  A majority of the Grace Venture Strategy Committee members with at least 2 of the 3 elders will constitute a quorum, and a quorum is required for the conducting of business (i.e. 9 members minimum with 2 of the 9 being elders).

Current Grace Venture Strategy Committee Members

Justin McCain, Missions Pastor
Alan Greer, Elder
Ed Cattau, Elder
Greg Bundy, Elder

Gwen Scholes, MIT Director
Ashleigh Parker
Brian Raycher
Candace Lockhart
Gavin Turner
Howard Thornburg
Jon Roberts
Mariet Rogers
Michael Malone
Sharon Romine
Shaun Reid
Stacey Wright
Wayne Renfrow


In order to serve on the Grace Venture Strategy Committee must be a member of Grace Evangelical Church.


* Develop Strategic Mission Plan for GEC
* Determine Focus Areas
* Manage Mission Funds
* Approve New Monthly Supported Missionaries
* Evaluate Monthly Supported Missionaries
* Approve MIT projects/trips (all mission trips will be approved by the entire session of GEC)
* Approve scholarship requirements requests (this will be handled by a sub-committee consisting of at a minimum the mission pastor and 2 elders)
* Recruit MIT leaders

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