Calvary Rescue MIT

Calvary Rescue Mission MIT helps homeless men in the Memphis area.


Thanksgiving Dinners

The day before Thanksgiving is a great day to help! Volunteers help distribute food boxes to families in need within our local community. The volunteers participate along with the staff and men from the mission. Thanksgiving Day, Calvary welcomes food dishes and help  with serving the men and bussing tables. 

Daily Chapel Services

Daily evening chapel services for Calvary men provide many opportunities for sharing personal testimonies and helping with music. All men at the mission are required to attend these evening services. 

Business Men Luncheon

This occurs on the first Tuesday of every month from September to June. Men and women are welcomed. We serve “Robert’s famous fried chicken” for a nominal $5 dollar charge. Following the luncheon, we have a chapel service with music and testimonies from local supporters in our community.  

Annual Open House and Celebration Dinner

Open House & Celebration Dinner are mission awareness activities are planned in the Spring during the first week of April. 

Contact Calvary Rescue MIT leaders for more information about how you can help the homeless in our community.


Where will this team minister?

Calvary Rescue Mission
960 South Third Street
Memphis, TN, 38106

What audience will be ministered to?

Calvary Rescue Mission has been restoring lives and rebuilding hope among the city of Memphis homeless for more than 44 years.

How will the gospel be proclaimed?

The gospel is proclaimed every day to the men of Calvary Rescue Mission. Approximately 35 men enjoy room and board in this Christ centered facility. Brother Bob Freudiger, an ordained minister is the mission’s Executive Director. Mandatory chapel service is held daily for the men. At every chapel service they hear visiting preachers proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Since its beginning back in 1967, over 20,000 men have prayed to receive Christ.

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