Collierville Outreach MIT

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Collierville Outreach MIT


Bill Arnold, a volunteer policeman for the Town of Collierville, assists the under resourced by providing groceries and meals.  The Town of Collierville gave The Collierville Food Pantry a place to store food.  The food pantry is managed by volunteers . 


The Collierville Food Pantry has 100 clients

Collierville police deliver food each Thursday

School and churches help stock the shelves

Some local grocery stores help stock the food pantry

Additional food is needed at Thanksgiving

Recipients are vetted


GEC volunteers deliver food on a weekly basis.

Maxine Arnold (Bill's wife) coordinates a team of volunteers for 2 months out of the year to help stock the food pantry.

 Bill and Maxine will promote food drives and recruit volunteers when the food pantry is low.

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