Mission Conference

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Mission Conference

5:30pm  Dinner served (American and Indian Cuisine)
6:15pm  Spicy Indian food challenge
6:30pm  Service

8:00am    Memphis Cricket Cup
10:00am  Family Picnic
12:00pm  Lunch

9:25am & 10:55am  Das Rendla and guest will speak both Sunday school hours
9:25am & 10:55am  Guest speaker will preach both services
5:00pm  Taste of Grace Picnic

Our church-wide annual Taste of Grace picnic begins at 5pm, Sunday, Sept. 29th at the Grace Athletic fields.

This year we will have a grilling contest for categories: beef, pork, chicken, seafood and veggies. If you would like to participate in the contest, contact Justin McCain at (225) 892-3405 or

  • Grace Venture will provide $300 to each griller to purchase meat and other items. $150 for the veggie category.
  • Each griller will need to provide 125-150 "sample size" portions of their category for people to eat and taste. 
  • The meat/veggies will need to be grilled and ready to be served on Sun., Sept. 29th by 5:00pm.
  • Invite a neighbor to be part of the contest.
  • Each person who eats will be able to vote for their chose for best in each category.
  • The winners of each category will have the opportunity to give $250 to their favorite GEC Monthly Supported Ministry or Ministry Initiative Team (MIT).

The rest of the menu is potluck. Each family will bring a side dish (veggie, fruit, salad, bread or dessert). 

Activities will include hayrides, horse rides, sack races, frisbee toss, badminton, and more. 

Three names will be drawn for the Grace ScaVenture Hunt! The winners will have the opportunity to give $300 to their favorite Grace Evan Monthly Supported Ministry or Ministry Initiative Team (MIT).

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